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Four Quads

WayPoint gathers individual information beyond just surveyed data - it looks at the perceptions and beliefs of individuals who guide the business and its brand. Through an online survey, information is analyzed at various unique levels that target alignment issues of the brand, brand promise, physical and virtual presence, and overall organizational culture. The survey results then indicate where the perception falls on the WayPoint grid. Participants are categorized into three levels of management: Executive, Operative, and Branch Level.

After each person places their marker on the grid, WayPoint performs its diagnostics based on four unique quadrants: Market Focused, Experiential, Traditional, and Product Driven . Within each quadrant, the intensity level can vary from undefined out to extremist.

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Market Focused

Focuses on market needs, large product variety, few barriers in open floor plan, branded merchandising media, utilizes technology, store versus branch mentality.

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Intentional customer focus, customized products and services, strong brand presence across all channels, seamlessly integrates technology, incorporates on-stage/off-stage delivery method.

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Blends all products, geographic-based target market, departmentalized operations, functional and zoned design.

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Product Driven

Better quality yet limited product selection, departmentalized but fewer barriers, clean line design, upscale environment, branded merchandising media, employs technology.

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