Four Quads Description

Market Focused

Upper Left Quadrant


Upper Right Quadrant


Lower Left Quadrant

Product Driven

Lower Right Quadrant


“Being All Things to Specific People”

Focused on the market’s needs, organizations that fall into the market-focused quad offer a large variety of products - but have a less generalized market focus. These organizations develop the right product for the right people, targeting specific markets and recognizing the consumer they are serving. There are fewer barriers, but things are still departmentalized. With a store versus branch mentality, these organizations employ technology to better suit the market’s acceptance and offer well-branded merchandising media to fit those needs. In this quadrant, organizations provide a general offering for a specific target audience.

“Being Specific Things to Specific People”

With an intense, market-focused approach, the experiential quad customizes products and services to match lifestyle needs. Organizations that fall into this quad drive Boutique Branching in a well-branded, multi-sensory environment across all channels in business. Experiential organizations embrace technology invisibly and integrate it throughout their design. They also incorporate the on-stage/off-stage delivery method, providing flexibility for the staff and members alike to choose how to work. This quad offers a specific, targeted business strategy.

“Being All Things to All People”

Traditional organizations blend all products but have a geographically-based target market. These organizations have many barriers and implement a departmentalized operation strategy. With a standard, functional, and zoned design approach, this quad attempts to be all things to all people. Often, the traditional teller line is the focal point in the lobby. Technology has not been implemented to its full potential in these types of organizations - but, in turn, they use the direct staff to help people resolve any needs they may have.

“Being Specific Things to All People”

In the product-driven quad, organizations offer a limited, general product blend - but provide higher quality products with a narrower overall selection. In a clean line design approach, there are fewer barriers, but things can still be departmentalized. These types of organizations employ technology to enhance their delivery offering and utilize branded merchandising media to support their design. With a specific product offering, they can target all people who are searching for the perfect product to fit their needs.

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