Reporting Information

WayPoint helps communicate each of the leadership’s perceptions that impacts the business alignment, growth potential and overall success of the organization. Improving strategy requires measuring and tracking diagnostics. WayPoint delivers more than just an online snapshot of perceptions – we generate a report that identifies issues regarding delivery status, alignment issues, and future expectations and goals.

WayPoint reports also show the alignment of an organization’s Brand, Place, and Culture. While it is important to understand individual perceptions, it is far greater to understand these three key elements of delivery and how they align with each other. Success lies with how well-aligned these elements are. Ready to get started? Let’s talk!

Culture, Brand and Place Mapping

An overall leadership perception reporting of an organization’s culture, brand and place.

Organizational Perception Maps

Unique scatter plots of the four levels of leadership.

Questionnaire Results

A complete breakdown review of the WayPoint survey responses.

Movement Trend

Based upon key information, a directional organizational trend projection.

Key Observations

Key observations and possible cautionary indicators impacting the alignment, growth and success of the organization.

Action Recommendations

Key recommendations of possible solutions, responses and strategic scenerios.